Woori Theology Institute

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Woori Theology Institute has begun since 1990 as the only “lay-centered” research institute of its kind in Asia in the light of doing theology and pastoral works. Woori is a pure Korean term meaning “our” in English which manifests and stresses more “togetherness” other than “possessiveness”. What makes WTI unique does not lie only in the fact it has been the laity who founded and has run it as the exactly same way the lay scholars had laid foundation of the early Christian community in Korea some 250 years ago despite such a horrible persecutions. On the other hand, the aim of WTI is to renew and reform the Church and religions, and transform the society for the better world.

For those who visit this website and click to open the English site, please don’t get out of it before trying one more click on the pdf file which leads you to the whole picture of WTI with photos and narrative explanations about them. You must be surprised when you get into the website of ALL Forum for sure because it shows how deeply WTI has involved the pan-Asian training platform for youth from the beginning. You also feel delighted to see the works of ALL Forum for young Asian lay leaders for the Catholic Church in Korea and Asia to serve the poor and the marginalized.